Clockwork Orange County

Age: 24
Gender: ridiculous lady-type, she/her pronouns and the like
Current location: Might as well be Quebec (Northern Vermont)
To make money I: sell sex toys and pop culture references at Spencer Gifts, paint anything and everything for theatrical productions, and work at a tea shop. I'm versatile.
Current Obsession(s): Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Benedict Cumberbatch's chins
First Love: Joss Whedon. And Aladdin.
Husbands with the first name "David": David Tennant, David Beckham, David Duchovny, David Bowie, David Boreanaz.

"If the opportunity presented itself I would give myself, spiritually and sexually to David Bowie. In an instant." -Jeff Stokely

Me too, Jeff, me too.

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